A Place Called Shangri-La


In 2002, a Tibetan prefecture in Southwest China presented scientific evidence demonstrating that the city of Zhongdian was in fact Shangri-La, the mythical city imagined by James Hilton in 1933, in his novel Lost Horizon.

In 2015, Mirka Duijn travels to the center of the sacred region of the three rivers, to find out what buried memory of Tibet is behind this facade.

But the total adherence of local residents to this new history of the city, lacking any exoticism, makes the border between the real and the fiction disappear. This completely undermines her research into the reality behind the presented story. These testimonies then become a magnificent pretext to install a new look at documentary practice.

70 minutes, in development

Produced by: KIMMO / De productie / Momento Films & IDA|IDA

Director: Mirka Duijn

Funded by the Dutch Film Fund


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